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We love Marnie.

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I am the community creator #1 Marnie Fangirl Swiss Derby
A.K.A president of the Bacon Woman & Sausage Girl Adventures fanclub.

President: Tasha [sexualmasochism]
Vice-President: Tasha [sexualmasochism]
Vice-Vice President: Tasha [sexualmasochism]
Company Clown: Tasha [sexualmasochism]
Token Female Employee: Tasha [sexualmasochism]
Marnie Fan of the Month: Tasha [sexualmasochism]


o1. Love Marnie
o2. Be the original birth father of at least one of Marnie's many children
o3. Be Tasha OR Marnie
o4. Be Bacon Woman OR Sausage Girl
Otherwise feck off ya little hooligans >:O


Critics all across the world have something to say about her:

"Marnie is like the first bite into a freshly made cheese sandwich" - The Daily Cheese

“One day we’ll look back and realise just how much Chunks did for ice cream skiing.” - Vanilla Ice

“I don’t know who Marnie is & I did not have sexual relations with her” - Former US president Bill Clinton

“Your brother has the personality of a piece of cake...” - Marnie`s Mom

“My teeth are itching...” - Bacon Woman

That is all. KThnxBi.
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